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When Jade Bloom was founded in 2014, their number one priority was to ensure that every drop of oil that went into a bottle was of the highest and purest quality in the world.  Their obsession with ality hinges on the testing performed on every batch of distilled oil.  Batches go through many different types of testing, but the key test that ensures purity is known as GC-MS (Gas Chromatogrphy-Mass Spectrometry).  Jade Bloom is one of the only essential oil companies to publish their quality test results.

Tired, sore muscles? For years, Two Old Goats Essential Oil lotions, balms, and creams have provided relief to thousands.

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The Fine Print:  Please note that any discussions regarding products are recommendations meant to complement your current medical routine.  In no way are we promising that our products will cure disease or heal all pain or symptoms.


While we believe strongly in the benefits of our products & have thoroughly researched the quality of each one, we always recommend checking with your doctor before starting any new therapies.

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