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The Fine Print:  Please note that any discussions regarding products are recommendations meant to complement your current medical routine.  In no way are we promising that our products will cure disease or heal all pain or symptoms.


While we believe strongly in the benefits of our products & have thoroughly researched the quality of each one, we always recommend checking with your doctor before starting any new therapies.

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Apotheke Wellness of Appleton is co-owned and operated by Sarah Fabry and Jodi McBride, two friends dedicated to learning as much as they can about natural alternatives and a vision for sharing it with others. 

Apotheke offers CBD products, supplements, and essential oils that they have researched and found to be of the best quality.  And as girlfriends are known to do, they have also quality tested some of the best organic wines while making plans for the store, and will be offering their favorites in the shop. 

Meet the Women Behind Apotheke

Hi, I'm Sarah Fabry, RN.  I'm a registered nurse, married with a teenage daughter. I was diagnosed with Crohn's at 20 and have been through every medication imaginable, most with minimal success or side effects that prevented their continued use.  As a nurse, I was aware of studies coming out about CBD and was starting to hear about CBD in the Crohn's social support groups I belonged. After finally trying CBD for only 4 weeks, a colonoscopy found NO signs of Crohn's and I feel amazing now! Am I cured? No, but my life is no longer defined by my Crohn's.  In addition, I have benefitted from CBD by realizing improved sleep, less pain, less anxiety, more stable blood sugars, and weight loss. 


I started learning as much as I could about this natural product and began telling my friends, family, and patients about its benefits. I have much more to learn and continue to expand my knowledge and our product offering.  I look forward to being able to share this with you and your loved ones in an effort to ease some of your symptoms, anywhere from just improved wellness, to more severe disease processes.  

Hi, I'm Jodi McBride. I'm 51, and have lived in the Appleton area for almost 20 years. I have a high-stress 'day job' leading a team of almost 200 people, and have two adult children. I'm also the proud Nana of three adorable little girls. 

I recently and unexpectedly lost my husband of almost 25 years in a tragic accident. Suddenly, I've found myself on a journey of grief and reinvention that I never expected and I certainly never wanted. I started taking CBD capsules to help me sleep, and simply to help me deal with the roller coaster of emotion I was going through. I've had such great success, and have started to experiment with other essential oils, finding combinations that help with stress, energy, and the oh-so-fun effects of menopause. I can't wait to share what I've learned with others!

Meet Our Amazing Support Staff

Julie Brown is a recent transplant to the Appleton area, having moved here for her husband's career.  

Julie has been interested in Alternative Medicine for most of her life, incorporating nutrition and supplements into her own healthcare following a significant & life-changing health event. 

Julie began studying and practicing reiki and she is now a Karuna Holy-Fire II Reiki Master.  She will be starting with Apotheke in a part-time status but we hope to continue to expand her offerings to our customers as we grow.  Julie's knowledge of alternative health practices, essential oils, desire to heal and compassion for others, as well as her constant search for new knowledge make her an excellent addition to the Apotheke team. 

Hi, Folks! I'm Tara Larive. I'm a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach. I'm a mother to four wonderful kiddos, a co-parent, a dancer by birth, and just a hop, skip, and jump from our wonderful shop in Appleton.


My journey into natural wellness began by stumbling, when my eldest was a baby, upon an episode of Oprah which featured Alicia Silverstone "The Kind Diet" and Michael Pollan "Food Rules," That introduced me to organic foods and more mindful eating, which lead to interests in veganism and whole food eating and not too long after to wellness coaching.


I've worked in natural wellness stores for the last couple of years and am so excited to join the naturally minded, authentic team of women at Apotheke. I hope to see you soon!