Bombing My Bath

Sarah and I have been asked about the CBD bath bombs and whether they are actually worth their price tag, but neither of us had tried them yet. So, being the selfless person that I am, I took one for the team and agreed to test one. (Yes, our job is really tough sometimes!)

I chose the Calm bomb by Mary’s Nutritionals and decided to use it on the Sunday night of Thanksgiving weekend, following several days of late nights, good food, great company, and a lot of shopping. I needed a really good night’s sleep to prepare for the week ahead.

To effectively test, I needed ambiance. While the hot water was filling, I lit one of our soy-based candles to provide just the right amount of light, prepped the bathroom with my fluffiest towel, and called up some soft classical music on my iPhone, all before ever opening the bomb. I wanted to make sure I did this right!

Let me first describe the smell…. Simply put, heavenly. It is a clean, crisp lavender but is not overpowering. I liked it so much, that I kept the tissue wrapper from the bomb and tucked it into my undies drawer. Is that weird?

By now, the tub was full so I dropped the bomb in and watched it fizz and bubble. Here’s a short video of the melting bomb if you’ve never used one before (I never had so it was kind of fun to watch). The smell in the steam was really nice, not too heavy. The water itself was silky and soothing. I soaked with eyes closed for a good half hour and allowed myself to relax from head to toe, leveraging deep breathing and meditation to decompress completely. If the water hadn’t gotten cold, I might still be there…

My skin was not super-moisturized when I got out of the tub, but it smelled great and I was really relaxed, ready for sleep. There was no film left on the tub after a quick rinse (a real pet peeve which would have ruined my relaxed state). I wasn’t sure how much CBD I actually absorbed from the bath, so I took only three quarters of my normal bedtime dose. I am pleased to report that I slept like a rock, waking Monday morning feeling refreshed and ready to go.

So, to answer the question, is it worth it? Absolutely. It will make a great addition to any gift basket – thinking a bath-themed basket with a pillow, some of our Schmidt’s soap and soap scrunchy, some of our essential oil lotion… a great way to unwind and be at peace.


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