My Experience with Float Light

As promised, I wanted to give you guys a full and thorough review of Float Light of Appleton. I know it has been a couple of days, and I apologize but retail hours are quite possibly worse than nurses' hours.

To be honest, I have been intrigued by Float Light since it opened, but I have not made the commitment. The owner stopped into our store. He was so nice and his philosophy on doing business and the connection of like-minded business people was very compelling and I found it very “grass roots.” I remember when my husband and I started our family business (he owns a concrete flatwork company) and this was the early 2000’s. Advertising and marketing was a different animal. Facebook wasn’t HUGE yet and phone books still existed (yes, shocking), even more shocking was that we paid $10,000 a year for an ad

in said phone book. I still cringe. Luckily, over time he has grown and the need for advertising has all but become unnecessary. But now I find myself in a world of completely different ways to market one’s business and Facebook is the main source but since we are selling CBD Oil we can not take advantage of Facebook or Instagram ads because still as of today, CBD remains on the scheduled drug list despite being completely legal in all 50 states and there is nothing that can impair a person or cause any sort of dependence... but I digress. So, if I can find like-minded businesses that want to support each other, what can be better than that, a community working together to bring our customers options on ways to improve your physical and mental health - naturally. You came here to learn about Floating, right?

So, the owner invited me to Float and give feedback and he would do the same with our store, so I said, “Why Not?” and scheduled my Float for Sunday morning. I figured since I had to shower anyway after this would be a good way to start the day. Mind you, Float Light is open 10am – 10pm EVERY DAY, and has a super easy online scheduling system:

You can arrive with nothing, or you can arrive with a bathing suit and all your essentials to get ready following your float. Upon walking in, the interior is very calming, very modern Zen feeling. I liked that immediately, but I am super into decorating, so I notice those things. But I was impressed immediately.

I completed my forms and was taken back to change into some slippers and shown the wall of (I can’t remember what they called it) but a chalk wall where you could write a brief message on your experience. Very cute and nice touch. I was then led back and shown the room where one can get ready to re-enter the world after. Each station had a hairdryer, disposable combs, etc. basics to get you back outside, or you could bring your own makeup, etc., and complete the process to whatever level you felt you needed to.

You then walk past a lounge they offer for post soaks to rest and take your time re-entering the real world and Float Light provides several tactile puzzles and a diary to write in, etc., as well as water. I was led to my suite, I floated in the pod as that was the only choice when I scheduled, but I would like to try all the options. They describe rooms as well and I think that would bee an interesting experience. You are locked into your suite and you are asked to take a pre-shower to remove oils and then you can hop in to the water.

I did this, hopped in and closed the pod around me. There are controls for music, lighting and a call button for help should you need it. I laid back and you literally fall into nothing. The water temp is perfect and if you don’t move you can not feel it except around your face and where your hands break the surface. I chose an hour session, so I was able to just lay there for a whole hour and relax. Since there is nothing firm holding you up, there is nothing to tense your muscles against, so you are forced to relax, and the warm water helps with relaxing as well. Being inside the pod felt like I was in my own little world, and nothing could bother me. My phone was off and far away, no answering questions on Facebook, from family or just getting sucked into the time waste of my phone. No TV, even the music was very unobtrusive. I do have to admit, I was a bit immature being it was my first time, and I played with the buttons.

Music on, music off, lights on, lights off, stars on, stars off (I didn’t mention the stars?? – yes, there are star lights on the ceiling of the pod and they twinkle – so fun and peaceful), bouncing off the sides of the pod and swishing around. As much as I loved the stars, I did really like it totally dark but with music on. Unfortunately, I am not that deep of a thinker and the idea of “clearing” my mind is completely foreign to me, so by listening to the music and concentrating on that I was able to keep my mind quiet. When it is dark, it is dark, and you can not feel the sides of the pod or the bottom, you can’t tell if you drifted sideways a bit or not. You could be in a gigantic ocean. It is very surreal. So, no I did not panic, and I am very claustrophobic, no I did not get bored with a whole hour of doing nothing, so those were my 2 big worries and neither was an issue at all.

After, I felt very relaxed, very hydrated and as the picture shows, not a shriveled raisin you would expect. My skin wasn’t dry or itchy after showering. On my ride home, my partner asked how I liked it and I said I liked it very much and that even still I felt very relaxed and calm. Part of me wanted to just keep driving for a bit before getting home and rejoining the real world.

So, would I do it again?? Definitely and I even went ahead and purchase their friends and family monthly membership. Not only do I want to try each room at some point, but what a great gift for a stressed family member, a new mom who needs just an hour to herself, a dad who works super hard for his family, a son or daughter that has made it through another round of exams, someone who trains and plays hard for their sport, or someone who just needs a little pampering. The friends and family membership allows one to purchase additional floats at a reduced rate, so definitely watch for some giveaways that “may” include a float for you, our loved customers at any of our upcoming events, like maybe even this Thursday’s seminar on CBD and if it is right for You???

Why should you float? Other than the relaxation and peaceful getaway, you are floating in Epsom Salt….lots of it. There are many benefits to soaking in Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) including; Magnesium Deficiencies Being deficient in magnesium can result in heart disease, stroke, migraines, osteoporosis, arthritis, stress related illnesses, chronic fatigue and joint pain. Internal Benefits: Internal benefits of an Epsom salt soak include increased magnesium, improved regulation of electrolytes, and improved blood circulation. External Benefits: External benefits of soaking in an Epsom salt bath include softer skin, relief from muscle aches and soreness, reduced swelling and inflammation, and the elimination of dead skin cells and body odors.

So, try floating with and then stop in by us to pick up some Epsom Salts to re-create the effect at home, well, maybe not even close, but sort of….

**Please note that I paid for my Float on Sunday so this is an unbiased review and no services were received for free in exchange for a positive review.

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